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/environmental policy

The policy of Apex Design & Products Ltd is to conduct its operations in an environmentally sustainable manner in order to protect the environment for future generations.


We recognise that, through our day-to-day business and operational activities, we have an impact on the environment.


We are committed to minimising that impact, preventing pollution and eliminating any unnecessary damage to the environment. As such we will endeavour to ensure our policies and business actions promote the consideration of the environment, sustainable development and compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.


In implementing its policy the Apex Design & Products Limited will strive to:


Encourage recycling: promoting the principals of the waste hierarchy within the scope of our operations.


To use efficiently, and where possible reduce the consumption of utilities and consumable materials.


Reduce the average CO2 emissions per vehicle across the company fleet.


Develop policies and practices which raise awareness and encourage and enable our staff to make a contribution to achieving environmental improvement.


Encourage our suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment through our procurement policies and practises.


The above cannot be achieved without the commitment of all staff within Apex Design & Products Ltd as all employees have a role to play in care of the environment. Apex Design & Products Ltd demonstrate its commitment by providing the resources, agreeing the organisational structure and endorsing this policy






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